Why Vyvanse and Alcohol is a Bad Combination


Vyvanse and alcohol is a combination that can bring different troubles. Alcohol has been part of many adult’s life even for people who are diagnosed with ADHD. Though they may not drink at a daily basis, the urge of drinking alcohol will still appear. Most adult ADHD are treated with many medications and vyvanse is one of them. Most would wonder if they can still drink alcohol while still under the effect vyvanse. People who did this would advise others to avoid it. Taking in vyvanse and alcohol brings many side effects that end in disastrous results.

The Most Common Side Effects of Vyvanse and AlcoholVyvanse and Alcohol

Vyvanse can affect the alcohol intake of a person. In most cases, the urge to drink alcohol will be lessen. Many vyvanse users were surprised to see that they didn’t drink as much alcohol as before. Even their normal amount of alcohol consumption was reduced. This combination of vyvanse and alcohol will turn heavy drinkers to casual drinkers instead. However, there are cases when it did the opposite this. Unlike most vyvanse users, some actually took more alcohol than they would normally will to keep the effect going.

The negative effects are much more numerous compared to the good ones. One of which is it will greatly affect the alcohol tolerance. Usually, drinking a few shots or glasses of alcohol will still be tolerable but when vyvanse and alcohol are mixed together, these small drinks can already cause the person to be uncontrollable. This situation is indeed a problem since these people will be unaware that they are already drunk. This unawareness is due to the fact that they know what their limits are and drinking only a couple small glasses of alcohol is still way early for this effect to happen. The most shocking part is that blackout will come very early. Alcohol tolerance is one thing that should be checked out when drinking. Too much alcohol intoxication can already cause uncontrollable actions but it still can be intensified by vyvanse.

Vyvanse can exaggerate the emotions and actions done when drunk since the person is also unaware of his/her actions. Rage and strong emotions will be easily shown by that person. There are cases where violence and harassment are easily placed into action. It is the worst case scenario for everyone especially when vyvanse is involved. This effect is the worst among the others since this one can put the person in deep personal and scandalous troubles.

A person under vyvanse should avoid drinking alcohol at all costs. The effects experienced are series of reactions that lead to one another. These effects will build up to even worse problems. The last and worst side effect of vyvanse and alcohol can be stopped only when the previous side effects are properly dealt with and if this combination is avoided. Some people use vyvanse as their daily supplement to keep them productive but this does not mean that they are under its influence 24 hours a day. That’s why alcohol can only be consumed when the effects of vyvanse wear off and this usually happens around 12 hours after taking it in.